Manic Checklist

As mentioned in my previous post here is my checklist I use to try and keep my mania under control. By no means is this a cure it just helps me keep aware of myself and track my episodes. I’ve filled this out as an example. I fill this out everyday at 8am, 1pm, 5pm, 10pm and 1am, sometimes more if I feel I need to.

  1. What time is it? 4:30am
  2. Where are you? At home
  3. Who are you with? No one
  4. How are they finding your company? Nil
  5. How do you feel? Sore, restless, uncomfortable
  6. Do you feel manic? Yes
  7. Are you showing any symptoms? Yes, distracted, itchy, racing thoughts
  8. Do you feel anxious? Not particularly
  9. Do you need to leave your current situation? I’m at home but need this episode to pass
  10. Have you had enough sleep? No
  11. Do you need to go home and sleep? Yes
  • Breathe deeply for thirty seconds
  • Read through your answers again
  • It is okay to ask for what you need
  • If you need to excuse yourself from the current situation that is okay
  • You can go home and rest if you need



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